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Non-Woven Fabric Filter Bag

Non-woven fabric lace-up filter bag for Chinese medicine/non-woven fabric flat open top filter bag / non-woven fabric fold-over filter bag

The exclusive non-woven fabric food grade filter bag developed by YITING has a unique capillary structure, which not only increases surface area but also has a good shielding. Moreover, non-woven fabric filter is heat resistant, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and recyclable. Our company regularly sends the non-woven fabric products for SGS certification annually. The detailed quality self-inspection report is executed in accordance with CNS regulations and R.O.C’s sanitary standards for containers and packaging of food appliances. The product operating temperature is 0°C ~ 100°C.
The non-woven fabric food grade filter has a special toughness strengthening design, affordable for longtime braising, boiling, stewing, cooking without tearing. The fabric not only has fast permeability but also releases the original taste of food quickly. You are sure to enjoy the purest taste.
This product is suitable for packing all kinds of tea-leaves, spices, stew materials, and Chinese medicine.

Below are non-woven fabric food filters produced by YITING, you can browse down to find one that suits your needs. If you cannot find a suitable filter type, our company has specialized production machines for customized requirements and for time and cost-saving. A variety of specifications or sizes of quality non-woven fabric filters can be chosen. Also, we can adjust the delivery time based on your order quantity.

Bulk orders are welcome. Or leave a message with your request and our specialist will contact you soon!

Non-Woven Wrapping Paper

Non-woven V-shaped coffee filter paper

The V-shaped filter cloth is close to gravity brewing, the contact time of powder and water is short, and the brewed coffee is relatively refreshing, and the brewing effect of the non-woven filter material is similar to flannelette, which can

Non-woven T-shaped coffee filter cloth

The T-shaped coffee filter cloth is suitable for users who like a mellow taste. The brewing principle is between the gravity type and the immersion type. Since the bottom of the filter cloth is flat, the contact time of powder

Non-woven heat-seal flat coffee filter bag

The flat coffee filter bag can be sealed with a general household heat sealing machine, suitable for stores or self-use who bring their own powdered ingredients. It is suitable for cold extraction of coffee or brewing coffee by immersion method.

Stand coffee filter bag

Using the exclusive design bracket and special sealing technology, the filter hanging bag can bear the weight of 1.5 servings of coffee, and it will not break and fall when you add hot water. The width of the bracket is

Flat-opening non-woven Fabric Filter Bags

The non-woven fabric tea filter bags use heat-resistant, toxic-free, environmentally friendly and recyclable materials that sustain boiling and stewing; the materials have high permeability for releasing the ingredient’s flavor quickly. Yi-Ting is able to develop the formula of materials and

Reflex tea bag series

There are 4 types of reflex tea bags to meet different needs of customers. There is an XS size bag specially designed for the diameter of thermos bottles. The shape is slender and suitable for most thermos bottles on the

Custom Non-Woven Fabric Chinese Medicine Filter Bags

The filtration cloth developed exclusively by Yi-Ting is heat-resistant and toxic-free, as well as environmentally friendly and recyclable. The non-woven fabric not only has fast permeability but also releases the original taste of food quickly. You are sure to enjoy

About Yi-Ting

YITING – A Taiwanese Professional Manufacturer Of Non-Woven Fabrics. Based in Taiwan since 2014, YITING NON-WOVEN CO., LTD is a professional manufacturer of non-woven fabric products in textile industry. Main products, including non-woven fabric filter bags for tea or coffee, non-woven fabric drink carry bags, non-woven fabric surgical masks, non-woven wrapping papers, non-woven fabric dust-proof covers and bags and biodegradable plant branch tapes. YITING has been offering customers high-quality non-woven fabric products since 2014, both with advanced technology and 30 years ef xperience, YITING ensures each customer’s demands are met.

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