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Biodegradable Plant Branch Tapes

Eco-Friendly Tape

The patented degradable plant branch tape produced by YITING, is used to fix vines in the agricultural industry. Most farmers use a kind of tool named plant branch tape gun, which is referred to as “tape gun.” Similar to a stapler, this tape gun is used with specialized staples and tapes. At present, most of the tapes used are made from traditional PVC materials. At the end of the harvest period, some farmers will prune and burn the vines together with those tapes, and thus produce harmful substances that impact the environment. Some do not burn but leave all tapes in which the PVC material will not decompose in nature, hung on the arbors. This not only affects the environmental aesthetics but also has permanent effects on the environment if the material cannot be decomposed.Therefore, with more than 40 years of expertise in plastic related fields, the company has committed to the development of non-PVC degradable tapes, expecting to make a small contribution to the earth and environmental protection.

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Biodegradable Plant Branch Tapes

Eco-Friendly Biodegradable Grafting Tape

This Eco-friendly Biodegradable plant branch tape can tie up the vines of plants and flowers with their fixing arbors conveniently. It does not contain PVC materials, and will not produce harmful substances when burning. White powder was produced after burning,

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