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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions, you may consider reading our Frequently Asked Questions and the answers you need before calling us again.

What Are The Types Of The Non-Woven Fabric Surgical Masks, And The Related Permit Numbers And Test Reports?

Yi-Ting provides various non-woven fabric masks meeting medical grade specifications. We also provide customization services. From sourcing, quality inspection, processing and manufacturing, and delivery, multiple checks are conducted to ensure quality. The surface layer of masks is P.P. water-repellent non-woven fabric to protect from droplets; the mid-layer is a melt-blown non-woven fabric with great filterability.

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What Are The Certificates Obtained For Each Non-Woven Fabric Product?

Yiting’s non-woven products have passed the tests or certificates as follows:   Kitchen Packaging Material We send the products to SGS annually for self-inspection. These products meet the CNS safety standards, without heavy metal, fluorescent agents and wet strength agent.   Food Filtering Material Tested by SGS, without hazardous substances such as plasticizers, fluorescent agents

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Is It Possible To Assist New Non-Woven Fabric Product Development?

Yi-Ting has decade-experiences in non-woven fabric formula R&D technologies and the market. It is possible to design and develop desire products based on the data, specifications or samples provided by clients. Moreover, we may discuss the amendment to formula or production methods based on users’ feedbacks and recommendations. The holistic R&D service will provide the

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Why Should You Choose Yi-Ting To Serve You?

Clients of Yi-Ting are from all over the world, mainly in Asia and North America. With abundant experience in the non-woven fabric process and manufacturing, innovation R&D leading peers, and the strategic marketing department, we have transformed a processing only business to non-woven fabric with more segmentations. Our professional technicians and R&D team are able

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About Yi-Ting

YITING – A Taiwanese Professional Manufacturer Of Non-Woven Fabrics. Based in Taiwan since 2014, YITING NON-WOVEN CO., LTD is a professional manufacturer of non-woven fabric products in textile industry. Main products, including non-woven fabric filter bags for tea or coffee, non-woven fabric drink carry bags, non-woven fabric surgical masks, non-woven wrapping papers, non-woven fabric dust-proof covers and bags and biodegradable plant branch tapes. YITING has been offering customers high-quality non-woven fabric products since 2014, both with advanced technology and 30 years ef xperience, YITING ensures each customer’s demands are met.

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