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Non-Woven Fabric Dust-Proof Cover

Customized production of multifunctional non-woven fabric dust-proof bag

YITING specializes in the production and development of non-woven fabric products, providing advanced technology to manufacture such as the makeup cover and hair protector hood while users trying on new garments, and the multifunctional non-woven fabric dust-proof bags…etc.
Non-woven fabric products are made of soft fiber materials, which can enhance users’ comfort.
Non-woven fabric is strong and waterproof. We can print designs on non-woven fabrics or increase the thickness according to customers’ specifications so that the characteristics of non-woven fabric and your packaging design can doubly highlight the uniqueness of the brand.

Below are non-woven fabric-related products produced by YITING. You can browse down to find one that suits your needs. If you cannot find a suitable dust-proof bag type,
our company, certified as a professional non-woven fabric processing plant as well as manufacturer, has mastered the technology to save production time, cost and to customize your requirements. A variety of specifications or sizes of quality non-woven fabric can be chosen. Also, we can adjust the delivery time based on your order quantity.

Bulk orders are welcome. Or leave a message with your request and our specialist will contact you soon!

Non-Woven Wrapping Paper

Disposable Makeup Protector Clothing

The non-woven fabric face covers for trying on clothes apply the PP compounded soft fiber as the material for non-woven fabric. The fiber is strong and resistant to damage, and more comfortable for users. The non-woven headgear can protect the

Non-Woven Fabric Dust Covers

The multi-functional non-woven fabric dust covers are developed and designed with soft fiber non-woven fabric material without scratching the item inside. Mass customization is available, as well as small-quantity customization. Dust-proof and breathable, suitable for packing leather goods. Different thicknesses

About Yi-Ting

YITING – A Taiwanese Professional Manufacturer Of Non-Woven Fabrics. Based in Taiwan since 2014, YITING NON-WOVEN CO., LTD is a professional manufacturer of non-woven fabric products in textile industry. Main products, including non-woven fabric filter bags for tea or coffee, non-woven fabric drink carry bags, non-woven fabric surgical masks, non-woven wrapping papers, non-woven fabric dust-proof covers and bags and biodegradable plant branch tapes. YITING has been offering customers high-quality non-woven fabric products since 2014, both with advanced technology and 30 years ef xperience, YITING ensures each customer’s demands are met.

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