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About Yi-Ting

A Taiwanese Professional Manufacturer Of Non-Woven Fabrics.

Established in 2014, Yi-Ting Non-woven Co., Ltd. is a leader of non-woven fabrics with a strong R&D team that works closely to enrich non-woven fabric’s manufacturing process. Our new plant is located in the well-planned A7 Industrial Zone with more than 1,983 square meters. The thirty-year professional R&D experience in the industry is widely applied for its non-woven fabric processing, R&D, and technologies.

Company Mission & Vision

Yi-Ting is an expert in non-woven fabrics manufacturing, as well as research into the characteristics and potential of non-woven fabric. For more than 30 years, the Chairman has been dedicating himself to developing and enhancing technical strength for more practical products and quality service, bringing more convenience into people’s lives while making contributions to the Earth and the environment.

We value how we achieve outstanding performance with clients in the market but value whether our product R&D advances with time more. We expect to expand more possibilities of non-woven fabrics with partners and design more customization services to meet unique customization needs.

Our major clients are from Taiwan, Asia and North America. With the non-woven fabric processing and manufacturing for more than 30 years, in 2015, we added the innovative R&D and strategic marketing department. We integrated all functions into Yi-Ting Non-woven Co., Ltd. as the transformation based on our original business, processing. By doing so, we may provide more diversified products, enhance the segmentation of products, and help our client to win at the beginning. In the future, Yi-Ting will not only deepen the market in Taiwan, but also reach to Southeast Asia and Europe, to distribute the text “Made in Taiwan (MIT)” further in the world.

By staying true to the corporate core value and the globalization vision and providing overall satisfactory product quality and services to customers, Yi-Ting is becoming an international business.

Why Should You Choose Yi-Ting As Your Partner?

A Pioneer Of Non-Woven Fabric Innovation

We are the only enterprise that owns an in-house non-woven fabric R&D unit in the industry. We satisfy the customization needs of all scales and develop new products with clients via new machines, professional technologies, and innovative patents.

The Most Rigorous Quality Stewardship

Non-woven fabric products are only made with materials from Taiwan, and fully made in Taiwan, in order to minimize the unnecessary risks during the production process by thoroughly monitoring product quality.

A Strong Partner

30+ years of OEM experience, with clients from Taiwan, Asia, and North America.

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