YITING 易廷企業 – 不織布製造商、工廠、廠商

Professional R&D Strength

Professional R&D Strength

Yi-Ting is an expert in non-woven fabric processing and non-woven fabric product development. For a long time, we have focused on developing high-quality non-woven fabric and insisting on effectiveness and quality. We have a wide range of products and provide professional customized processing services. Our greatest advantage is the development of customized products for clients. As long as you have any product with a need of non-woven fabric processing, our professional Sales, R&D, and Production functions will dedicate to accommodate your needs, with the latest hardware technologies and professional design, to develop products with competitiveness.

In Yi-Ting’s factory, we have a high-spec environment and equipment; we also prepare a clean room to produce the food-graded and medical-graded non-woven fabric products. Stable capacity with air conditioning system keeps constant temperature to ensure product quality.

The image demonstrates how Yi-Ting develops and produces non-woven fabric. The expertise of Yi-Ting is the production of non-woven fabric surgical masks and scanning-positioned masks, among others. There are non-woven fabric hot sealers in the factory, supersonic processors for non-woven fabric, mask positioners, automatic mask packaging machines, and supersonic non-woven fabric cutters. We may accommodate your order scale and delivery time adjustment. The annual capacity is approximately 105 million pieces and more.

Processing of non-woven fabric in Yi-Ting
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